Aro cosmetic Co. Ltd has developed the Modeling masks with base material of Diatomaceous earth and Potassium Alginate which perfectly treats the skin by moisturizing and purifying

The facts above has been scientifically proved as below.

1. Diatomaceous Earth

'Diatomaceous Earth is a mineral product mined from the fossilized silica shell remains of unicellular or colonial algae from the class Bacillariaphyccae, better known as Diatoms'

Diatomaceous Earth has several properties and Aro Cosmetic Co.Ltd scientifically grafts their properties into skin care treatment.

one of main property for skin care is 'Filtering' from Diatomaceous Earth.




As picture above, there are many holes which means the Diatomaceous Earth is makeup of porous materials.

This porous material has property to fill up the holes.

For this reason, Diatomaceous Earth is used for water filter.

Aro Cosmetic Co. Ltd use this property to absorb impurities, sebum secretion and harmful oil on skin.

'Diatomaceous Earth in our Modeling Mask is to purify the skin'